In 1896, the founder of the Satake Corporation, Riichi Satake, invented and began the production of Japan's first power driven rice milling machine.
In the subsequent one hundred years, a succession of successful developments and a wealth of accumulated research and knowledge have made Satake the world leader in grain processing systems. Satake produces a comprehensive range of individual machines, integrated systems and totally engineered solutions for the processing of rice, wheat and other grains.
The Company is proud of its tradition of innovation which ensures that Satake machines and systems are always at the forefront of technology.


Satake has achieved its position as the oldest, largest and most advanced company in its fields through its commitment to offering customers superb equipment, specially developed to meet their needs. This driving principle has led directly to the prosperity of the Company.


We are most grateful to all our customers for their patronage which has allowed us to become known and respected in Japan and over 140 countries throughout the world.

Satake is a "customer company" as well as a "technically oriented company" putting the principle of customer satisfaction into practice. The support and assistance of our customers are greatly appreciated.


Scope of Business


1.Rice Sector

Inpublication on rice milling technology anywhere in the world, you will
come across the name Satake. In many countries, if you point to a rice
milling plant and ask who made it, you will be told that it is a Satake!
All over the world Satake has become synonymous with rice milling.


2. Flour Sector

In 1996 Satake launched its new PeriTec system for the debranning of vulgare wheat for flour milling and durum wheat for pasta semolina production. The process combined the company's know-how across the cereal sectors and it capitalized on Satake's unrivalled experience in developing specialist equipment and processes for milling rice over the past 100 years. Since its launch PeriTec has steadily gained market acceptance in various regions, especially with customers intent on milling of premium products.


3. Food Sector

Satake has made headway into the foodstuffs sector by directly producing and marketing processed rice products.










4. Environmental System Sector

Satake hopes to contribute to a sustainable society by developing a series of new environmental technologies, including composting plants, biomass power generation plants, and biomass briquetting and pelletizing plants.

Satake markets large-scale bio-power garbage disposals for business use and warehouses for vegetables and grains utilizing natural snow or ice. Compost plants that contribute to environmental preservation are included in this sector.



5. Industrial Machinery Sector

Satake has developed a motor having a high torque during starting and consuming less amperage than ordinary motors. We have been developing various industrial machines utilizing this motor.